Thesis on „Drivers and Barriers for Open Access Publishing“ published

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Photo by h_pampel Thesis on "Drivers and Barriers for Open Access Publishing" published

On August 12th a Phd Thesis entitled Drivers and Barriers for Open Access Publishing: From SOAP 2010 to WoS 2016 was published on Zenodo. The author Sergio Ruiz-Perez describes the publication in the abtract as follows:

„This PhD thesis follows up on previous studies aiming at finding out what a representative sample of researchers from all over the world and from all disciplines think about OA. We replicated the largest study of this type to date: the Study of Open Access Publishing run in 2010 (SOAP 2010).

We present a descriptive longitudinal study of active researcher’s opinions on open access publishing. We re-analysed a dataset from SOAP 2010 and we contacted authors publishing in scientific journals indexed in international databases (WoS 2016). We analysed the scientific community’s opinions on open access, in particular its evolution in the past 7 years. To do so, we used two different samples:

  • The SOAP project study (Dallmeier-Tiessen et al., 2011)
  • An ad-hoc sample obtained from the Web of Science database (WoS 2016) consisting of 15,235 unique responses

This PhD thesis was successfully defended on 24 July 2017 at the Facultad de Comunicacion y Documentacion from the University of Granada (Spain).

Please note that although the first few pages of this document are in Spanish all the rest is written in English.“

These are the biblographic details of Sergio Ruiz-Perez‚ thesis:

Sergio Ruiz-Perez. (2017, August 12). Drivers and Barriers for Open Access Publishing: From SOAP 2010 to WOS 2016. Zenodo.

The author also published the supplementary data to his thesis as:

Sergio Ruiz-Perez. (2017). Drivers and Barriers for Open Access Publishing – WoS 2016 Dataset [Data set]. Zenodo.

Graduate sociologist, information scientist (PhD degree), working for the Saarland University and State Library (Germany), owner of the consulting agency scinoptica, journalist. ORCID: 0000-0002-3500-3119

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