A lack of literature on qualitative aspects of scientific articles?

StarWorking on a literature review I am looking for publications on the perceived quality of scientific literature. I use the Web of Science, Scopus and Google Scholar as databases and find very, very few literature on cognitive construction processes or relevant content-related parameters that make some articles appear to be of high-quality and others to be inferior.nnIt is clear to me that quality is a multi-dimensional construct, the dimensions of which have to be operationalised themselves. Since the study should not be very time-consuming, it would suffice for me to find at least texts describing these dimensions. The operationalisation of these dimensions or the definition of indicators to describe them would not interest me in a first step.nnI am/was also aware that the use of quantitative factors (e. g. citation-based parameters) are – in the opinion of many people mistakenly – used to operationalise quality in science. Nevertheless, I am surprised that apart from this quantitative information, almost only formal (e. g. design of the text through structuring) or syntactic (e. g. structure of sentences, formulation questions) are discussed as criteria of qualitative evaluation – whereas extremely rarely really substantive criteria relating to the content of publications.nnAfter finishing my collection of literature I will publish my list of relevant articles here. If you would like to give me some literature tips, you do so by commenting, mailing or by other means. These tips will also be included in the list to be shared here – with reference to the contributor.