Samuel Moore on „Open/Access: Negotiations Between Openness and Access to Research“

Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open AccessAnother notice of an Open Access publication from the anthology „Open Divide? Critical Studies on Open Access„: Samuel Moore published his text „Open/Access: Negotiations Between Openness and Access to Research“ on the repository of the King’s College London under is also the abstract of Samuel’s article: „Open access (OA) is a contested term with a complicated history and a variety of understandings. This rich history is routinely ignored by institutional, funder and governmental policies that instead enclose the concept and promote narrow approaches to OA. This paper presents a genealogy of the term open access, focusing on the separate histories that emphasise openness and reusability on the one hand, as borrowed from the open-source software and free culture movements, and accessibility on the other hand, as represented by proponents of institutional and subject repositories. From analysing its historical underpinnings and subsequent development, I argue that OA is best conceived as a boundary object, i.e. OA is less suitable as a policy object because boundary objects lose their use-value when ‘enclosed’ at a general level, but should instead be treated as a community-led, grassroots endeavour.“nnThe list of all articles in the anthology with links to texts available as Open Access publications can be found here.nnHere is the bibliographic information on Open Divide:nOpen Divide? Critical Studies on Open AccessnEditors: Ulrich Herb and Joachim SchöpfelnPrice: $35.00nExpected: Spring 2018nPublisher: Litwin BooksnISBN: 978-1-63400-029-1