Iryna Kuchma on „Open Access Initiatives and Networking in the Global South“

Open Divide: Critical Studies on Open AccessSome days ago Iryna Kuchma’s published her contribution to the anthology „Open Divide? Critical Studies on Open Access“ on Zenodo under is also the abstract of her article „Open Access Initiatives and Networking in the Global South“: „This short study highlights the impact of open access in the Global South. Featuring collaborative open access initiatives in Algeria, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Nepal, Palestine, Tanzania, Uganda and Latin American countries, it showcases success and describes the challenges that we still face. It also questions a notion of a journal article – perhaps already becoming obsolete – and discusses the growing preprints initiatives to speed up the availability of research results. The value of regional journal and repository networks enhancing open access content in Europe and Latin America is also discussed as well as the impact human networks make in the Global South.“nnThe list of all articles in the anthology with links to texts available as Open Access publications can be found here.nnHere is the bibliographic information on Open Divide:nOpen Divide? Critical Studies on Open AccessnEditors: Ulrich Herb and Joachim SchöpfelnPrice: $35.00nExpected: Spring 2018nPublisher: Litwin BooksnISBN: 978-1-63400-029-1