scinoptica becomes scidecode

Dear readers and anyone interested, just in time for Easter, scinoptica science consulting changes its name to scidecode science consulting & research. The relocation of the web presence worked and all scinoptica URLs (especially the postings) are forwarding to The scinoptica twitter account remains active and will spread my more personal view while the new (and yet inactive) scidecode account will inform more about scidecode projects, publications and activities. However, the RSS feed remains available at This information is accompanied by the announcement of a survey on „Monetary and non-monetary income for scientists from scientific publications“. Background: In fact, apart from e.g. law, publishers generally do not pay honoraria to authors of scientific publications, but editors are more likely to receive compensation – be it in the form of monetary payments or vouchers, e.g. for subscriptions. Reviewers in some cases also receive compensation, e.g. an APC voucher as a payoff for a review. Exactly these compensations will be the focus of the survey. I am planning the survey for late summer and will ask the community for some feedback on my drafts.