Flip your journals to Open Access

The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a non-profit Open Access platform that publishes quality-checked Open Access journals focusing on the social sciences and humanities. The highlight: Journals published via OLH do not require authors to pay publication fees in the form of Article Processing Charges (APC). Financing is given by grants from libraries.

The OLH is currently inviting applications from scientists who wish to convert the German-language journals they publish from closed access to open access. The journals must meet the following conditions: They…

  • are peer reviewed,
  • have been established for at least five years,
  • are currently funded through a subscription model,
  • are based in a humanities discipline, as self-defined by authors and editors,
  • have an international editorial board.
  • German must at least be one of their publication languages.

OLH has a preference for journals that are owned by a learned society. For further information please contact Dr Anja Oberländer at the University of Konstanz (anja.oberlaender@uni-konstanz.de) or Prof Martin Eve, Co-Director of the Open Library of Humanities (martin.eve@openlibhums.org).