Vienna University of Technology signed Open Access contract with Elsevier

Obviously, the Vienna University of Technology (TU) signed a contract with Elsevier on Open Access publishing.

A news item on the university’s website from 14.01.2020 states the following:

„The TU Vienna Library has been able to expand its offer of free-of-charge Open Access publishing in journals with renowned publishers such as Elsevier as of 01.01.2020. This does not change anything in the submission process for authors.

The following publishers will offer for the first time an Open Access option for articles that is free of charge for authors as of 2020:

– American Chemical Society (ACS): valid for Open Access & subscription journals
– Cambridge University Press (CUP): valid for Open Access & subscription journals
– Elsevier: valid for Open Access & subscription journals for submission from 01.01.2020

An overview of all existing contracts, funding for Open Access publishing in journals and funding requirements can be found at:„.

If you follow this link you will be taken to a page with publishing agreements on Open Access. There it goes:

„The TU Vienna Library is increasingly negotiating with publishers within the framework of licence agreements on Open Access components. This offers members of the TU Vienna the opportunity to make their publications available Open Access. The costs are fully covered by the publication fund, the billing is handled centrally by the Library“.

And more specifically with regard to Elsevier: „In the submission process, you select the TU Vienna as your affiliation. After Acceptance (article acceptance for publication) you choose the Open Access option and a Creative Commons licence in the Author Dashboard. The library will be informed by the publisher and will clarify the eligibility criteria with the corresponding author. Applies only to publications with a submission date after 01.01.2020“.

No information was found on financial conditions. Since articles in subscription journals are also covered, the majority of articles are likely to be published in hybrid Open Access.