Open Data Award with a 30,000 € Prize Money

Open Data Impact Award

The German Stifterverband is a joint initiative started by companies and foundations – the only one in Germany to be devoted entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation. The Stifterverband now calls for nominations for the Open Data Award and is awarding prize money of 15,000 €, 10,000 € and 5,000 €. The closing date for applications is 30 June 2020.

Further information can be found here on the website of the Stifterverband. Even if the text is written in German, the application information at the bottom of the page is also in English.

The wording of the call for applications does not make it quite clear that this is about research data, this is only revealed in this (translated) passage:

„With a total endowment of 30,000 euros, three prize winners (prize money: 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 euros) are to be awarded who, by providing open research data, have either developed an innovation or demonstrate a potential for innovative subsequent use. The data sets and the ideas for the innovative re-use of the research data can come from all disciplines. The recipients of the funds are the research institutions of the award winners who use the prize money for a specific purpose for a project in the field of Open Data.“

This also means the prize money does not go directly to the researchers who produced and distributed the data.

With regard to the target groups, the Stifterverband states this: „The target groups are scientists (or team of researchers) who have made their data sets available openly and for subsequent use and who have made possible an invention, a service, a product or a cultural reuse outside the scientific community or who can demonstrate the potential for developing such added value for society“.