Publication Strategies in the Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences

Publishing in the Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences

On 13 and 14 July, I held an online workshop on “Publication Strategies in the Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences” for the Viadrina University of Frankfurt/ Oder. Today I am posting the slides taken from the workshop here and I also link to a posting on ratings and rankings of publication venues in the Social and Cultural Sciences. You will also find the presentation embedded at the end of this posting. The workshop’s contents are best described in the teaser used to advertise it:

“Publish or perish — Those who do not publish will not make a career. However, finding a suitable publication option has never been as time-consuming as it is today. The scientific publication market is growing and differentiating itself continuously: Open Access, for example, is a familiar way of publishing today, but it is itself differentiated into a number of variants — green, gold, bronze or platinum Open Access. How to keep an oversight? The workshop will give an orientation for the bazaar of scientific publishing and will cover topics such as publication processes, quality assurance, impact measurement and rankings, open access vs. closed access and legal aspects. The workshop enables participants to develop an individual publication strategy and to consciously take advantage of the options and offers of the increasingly differentiated publishing market.”


  • Publication processes and patterns in the Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences
  • Quality control techniques
  • Review processes
  • Impact metrics and rankings
  • Open Access vs. Closed Access
  • Legal aspects (contracts, copyrights, Urheberrecht)
  • Designing publication strategies
  • How to choose publication venues

Learning Objectives

  • inform participants about the functions, contextual conditions (e.g. quality control, selection criteria, perceived quality of a journal/publisher) and parameters (e.g. recommended document types, distribution in closed access or open access, impact) of scientific publishing
  • enable participants to develop conscious publication strategies and make career-promoting publication decisions, taking into account context variables and parameters

Here you will find more information on the workshops I offer and the topics covered by these workshops.

I would like to thank all participants for the stimulating event and the exciting discussions as well as the Viadrina Center for Graduate Studies (VCGS) for inviting me to this online workshop on Publication Strategies in the Social Sciences and Cultural Sciences!