scidecode continues to be scidecode, but scinoptica lives again

In a post dated 19 April 2019, I reported that the label of my freelance activities was changing from scinoptica to scidecode. I found (and still find) the name more catchy.

scidecode has since evolved into a real company and is no longer the label for freelance activities run solely by me. Since I am now active with colleagues under the label of scidecode, I decided to move the old postings from before 19 April 2019 back to a scinoptica domain, the same goes for other material. This way I don’t successfully separate individual freelancing from scidecode as a company (the switch happened this year), but at least it separates the labels scidecode vs. scinoptica. On this platform, I also have more room for experimentation and less need for diplomacy….